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iPhone 13 pro max PTA tax Pakistan 2023
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iPhone 13 pro max PTA tax Pakistan 2024

Apple is a Tech giant famous for its quality products. Apple produces quality products but the price is very high compared to Android devices. People who can’t afford new devices can easily purchase used iPhones but the issue is PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) imposes a tax on mobile devices. In this article we discuss about iPhone 13 pro max PTA tax, you can find out all iPhone 13 variants’ PTA tax.

Android devices have different high specifications in the market. Samsung is a Global brand that produces different Android devices on paper Samsung flag phones have a lot of different high specs like 108 mega pixel cameras etc. But in reality, Apple devices are more powerful, robust, and secure, and have good hardware with optimized software iOS.

If you purchase a non-PTA iPhone or import a non-PTA iPhone from abroad then you have to pay tax to use the sim on the mobile phone if don’t pay the tax then you’re not able to use any Network on it.

You have to pay the tax within 30 days if want to register your device using using Passport. If want to register your mobile with an ID card then you can pay the tax amount within 60 days in order to use it with local Network companies.

Pakistan’s government has different kinds of taxes on importing mobile phones from abroad. Different kinds of taxes like custom duty, sales tax, regulatory duties, and all tax fees vary on mobile device models.

iPhone 13 pro max PTA tax with Passport

Model Tax on Passport
iPhone 13 mini Rs118,380
iPhone 13 Rs113,665
iPhone 13 pro Rs133,158
iPhone 13 pro max Rs137,873

iPhone 13 pro max PTA tax with ID Card

Model Tax on Passport
iPhone 13 mini Rs142,868
iPhone 13 Rs137,682
iPhone 13 pro Rs159,124
iPhone 13 pro max Rs164,310

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