Saturday, Jul 20, 2024

Telenor Monthly 3G / 4G Device Packages

In the modern world, everyone is connected through the use of the Internet and social media. Several companies are providing Internet services with 3G and 4G networks. Telenor is not lacking in this part and is providing mobile Internet data as well as Internet devices with various packages and plans.

With Telenor MiFi or Dongle, customers can get up to 36 GB of 3G/4G Internet data for the entire month. This package cost is Rs.1500/ per month. Customers can subscribe to this package with Telenor devices such as Telenor MiFi or Telenor Dongles. Customers can also change their Internet plans as per their needs with the use of Telenor Internet Devices.
Another package called is the ‘Telenor 4G Monthly Smart Package’ through which you can get up to 86 GB of Internet data for a whole month for Rs 2200.

Telenor also provides some other offers for customers using Telenor Internet devices such as ‘Telenor 4G Value Monthly Package’ and ‘Telenor 4G Monthly Unlimited Package’.

Both the packages offer 15GB and 27GB priced at Rs 3800 and Rs 6000 respectively. In short, Telenor offers several cheap data plans for your Internet devices, and with its fastest Internet speed, you won’t regret choosing to stay with Telenor network.

Package NameFree MBsValidityPriceTo Subscribe
Telenor 9GB, Monthly Budget (Internet Sim)900030 DaysRs. 500*345*2001#
Telenor Monthly Starter (Internet Sim)1500030 DaysRs. 750*345*2002#
Telenor 4G Monthly Lite Package (MiFi / Dongle)3000030 DaysRs. 1500*345*1001#
Telenor 4G Monthly Smart Package (Device Only)7500030 DaysRs. 2500*345*1002#
Telenor 4G Monthly Value Package (Device Only)15000030 DaysRs. 3800*345*1003#
Telenor 4G Monthly Unlimited Package (MiFi / Dongle)27500030 DaysRs. 6000*345*1004#

Telenor Others 3G / 4G Device Packages

Telenor has built a great reputation for Internet, call, and SMS services in Pakistan and its continuous efforts are to provide ideal service to its valuable customers. In this regard, Telenor takes care to the full fill the needs of all types of customers. Whether you like to send text, call your friends or you are a fan of the online world, Telenor has an ideal package to meet your every need. When you talk about Internet devices, Telenor has not remained behind, giving tough competition to big telecom names like Zong, Jazz Ufone, etc. Its devices contain many Internet data plans, which are available at affordable low prices. Whatever your needs, you will find the best data plan for you. Apart from the usual monthly data plans, Telenor also offers a three-month Internet data package at a very affordable price eliminating the hassle of renewing your package each month. There is no better feeling than being at the center of your favorite network services.

Package NameFree MBsValidityPriceTo Subscribe
Telenor 30GB, 3 Month Bundle (Internet Sim)300003 MonthsRs. 1600*345*2004#
Telenor 4G 3 Month Bundle (Device Only)1080003 MonthsRs. 4000*345*1005#