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Jazz SMS Packages

Daily Jazz SMS Packages

Due to the rapidly increasing Global connectivity, everyone wants to remain connected with their Loved ones. Jazz has introduced the best and cheapest SMS Bundles according to customers’ requirements. If you love and want to Send an SMS to your friends & Family, don’t think more and avail the best Daily SMS Bundle from Jazz.

The best and lowest price Jazz SMS packages among Jazz Daily SMS offers is the Jazz Daily SMS Plus Package with which users can enjoy 150 SMS for the entire day. Interested users can subscribe to this offer by dialing 1061# and 1064# to check the bundle status.

Jazz Daily SMS Package brought another exclusive offer where customers can enjoy 1200 SMS for one day. For subscription dial 101101# and dial 101*01# to check the remaining SMS.

Jazz brings another extremely great offer to its users which allows you to enjoy both SMS and remain connected to the world at the same time with the Jazz Daily Whatsapp & SMS Bundle which includes 1800 SMS per day and 10 MB for Whatsapp. Dial *334# to subscribe to this offer and *334*2# to check the status.

Package NameFree SMSFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree MBsValidityPriceTo Subscribe
Jazz Super F&F PackageUnlimitedUnlimited101 DayRs.9.56*141*F&F_Number#
Jazz Daily WhatsApp & SMS Bundle18001001 DayRs.9.6*334#
Apna Shehar Package (Selected Cities)1500Unlimited2501 DayRs.12*229#
KP Daily Offer1500Unlimited2501 DayRs.21*291#
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package (For Khi Only)1500Unlimited2501 DayRs.21*400#
Jazz Sindh Package1500Unlimited2501 DayRs.21*522#
Jazz Daily Super5014402001 DayRs.30*212#
Jazz Super Bundle50Unlimited2001 DayRs.30*212#

Weekly Jazz SMS Packages

Jazz SIM reactivation is the best gift in itself. On the Jazz SIM reactivation jazz provides to its customers with great benefits in the form of different interesting packages. In Jazz SIM Lagao Offer, if you have not yet reactivated your SIM then now is the right time. Jazz offers them 1000 SMS and 1000 MB of Internet data for 7 days (this offer is available for a limited time). What are you waiting for? Reactivate your SIMs and get the benefit of this amazing offer.

In the Jazz 4G SIM Offer, you can get 4000 SMS along with 4GB data for browsing and 400 Jazz to Jazz/warid minutes. For a subscription to this great offer please Dial 44330# and enjoy this best package of SMS + Internet & Onnet minutes. If you are a prepaid customer and don’t have knowledge about your SIM then dial 4437# and check if you are eligible for a 4G SIM package or not.

Being the largest mobile phone network in Pakistan, Jazz is the only network that provides facilities for sharing and caring. With a great weekly SMS package at the lowest prices, users are now with the ‘Weekly All Network bundle for just rupees 120. This package contains with 1000 Onnet minutes, 1000 SMS, 50 offnet minutes, and 300 MB of internet data. Grow up your connections with Jazz Network because Jazz cares about you.

Package NameFree SMSFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree MBsValidityPriceTo Subscribe
Jazz New SIM Offer1000100010007 DaysRs.0*191#
Jazz 4G Sim Offer50050050007 DaysRs.0*443*7#
Jazz Weekly WhatsApp & SMS1500257 DaysRs.30*101*1*07#
Jazz Super Sim Offer1500600257 DaysRs.30*101*1*07#
Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer60030003060007 DaysRs.78*476#
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only)300010003030007 DaysRs.130*627#
Jazz Weekly Gupshup100010005010007 DaysRs.150*747#
Jazz Gujrat Offer1000601007 DaysRs.165*211#
Jazz Weekly All Network Package10001000100100007 DaysRs.173*307#
Jazz Quetta Haftawar Offer100010009030007 DaysRs.260*700#
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer50005000100120007 DaysRs.260*609#
Jazz Weekly Super Plus50005000120100007 DaysRs.345*770#
Jazz Weekly Super Max60006000120100007 DaysRs.345*505#
Jazz Weekly Freedom1000100015030007 DaysRs.430*506#

Monthly Jazz SMS Packages

Jazz has always offered the best packages to its customers. Being one of the top networks in Pakistan Jazz brings amazing bundles with different interest combinations to its valuable customers. In Jazz Monthly SMS Packages, customers can now enjoy multiple bundles. All mentioned SMS packages are not only limited to SMS because now you can get 5000 SMS and 5000 Megabytes for just rupees 60 with Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Bundle valid for 30 days (entire month). Dial 1011*02# to subscribe to this amazing offer and *101202# to check the remaining status (this is a limited-time offer).

This bundle will be charged 2.14% extra in the Federal Territory, FATA, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan (GB Areas). Jazz Super Duper Card is another good news for its customers. Enjoy this exclusive offer and enjoy 2000 monthly on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 2000 SMS, and 2000 MB of Internet data for 30 days. This offer can be easily subscribed to by dialing *601# Customers can subscribe to this package for exactly 30 days and this offer will terminate on the night of the 30th day automatically. Dial *601*2# to check remaining status. This is a limited-time offer and can be changed or renewed anytime.

Package NameFree SMSFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree MBsValidityPriceTo Subscribe
Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer100030050600030 DaysRs.250*614#
Jazz Monthly SMS Bundle1000300501000030 DaysRs.275*101*1*02#
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle1000300501000030 DaysRs.275*661#
Jazz Monthly Social Plus300300501000030 DaysRs.275 *617#
Jazz Monthly YouTube & Social500500501500030 DaysRs.390*620#
Jazz Karachi Mahana Offer500050001501000030 DaysRs.571*529#
Jazz Super Mahana Offer500050001501000030 DaysRs.571*529#
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle300030003001000030 DaysRs.868*430#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper300030003001000030 DaysRs.868*706#
Jazz Monthly Premium Plus Package300030005002000030 DaysRs.1085*2000#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer300030005004000030 DaysRs.1260*707#
Jazz Monthly Max300030005004000030 DaysRs.1260*708#
Jazz Monthly Freedom2000200010000030 DaysRs.1564*733#

Jazz Others SMS Packages

As with other SMS packages, Jazz is a favorite network of every Pakistani. It is the most suitable network for all types of people. From a student to an office employee Jazz is the best trusted choice that provides unlimited services and facilities that make life faster and easier. Jazz knows how important of internet is in this fast-paced world therefore Jazz is offering now WhatsApp and Facebook along with its SMS bundles.

Jazz brings multiple exclusive offers that are not limited to SMS and Internet but are also available on every reactivation or purchase of a new Jazz SIM. Along with weekly and monthly SMS packages Jazz brings another golden chance to its users called “Jazz Gold Super Advance Offer”. Jazz Gold subscribers can get SMS free of cost with the drawing of a Rs 30 advance loan.

To subscribe to the offer simply dial *113# and avail of an SMS with an exciting advance loan (this offer is admissible only for Jazz Gold prepaid subscribers). If you are not part of the Jazz Gold subscription then become a member of the Jazz Gold family by dialing 111 or visiting your nearest Jazz franchise or Jazz Service Center for information. This offer will be charged at the same price except in the Federal Territory Area, FATA, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan (with 2.14% additional charges applied).

Package NameFree SMSFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree MBsValidityPriceTo Subscribe
Jazz Sim Lagao Offer300030006000Rs.0.01*551#
Jazz Super Advance OfferRs.4.60*112#
Jazz 3 Day Call Offer10001000101003 DaysRs.55*356#
Jazz Lajawab Haftawar Offer30003000303000Rs.112*565#

Whether you make SMS all the time or only when you need it, don’t worry, Jazz is available for you. Jazz is popular among mobile users for its ideal SMS offers due to reasonable costs along with fast services. You can get daily 1200 SMS for just rupees 4.77 only (tax included) through the ‘Daily packages offer’. Dial 1011*01# to subscribe to this offer and *101014# to unsubscribe from this offer. If you do not like to send a lot of SMS then you can dial 1061# and get 150 SMS for just Rs 2.38 (tax included). To unsubscribe SMS Plus offer simply dial 1064#.

Jazz knows how is important WhatsApp to its customers, however, Jazz is merging its SMS offers with WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of those apps that almost every user has installed on their phone. The “Daily SMS offer + WhatsApp Bundle” is a breath part of fresh air for power users. You can get 1500 SMS and 10 Megabytes of WhatsApp at a reasonable price of just rupees 5.98 (tax included). The subscription code for this offer is *334#.

It is less sufficient to unsubscribe until the code dial is *334*4#. With the “Jazz Weekly SMS Bundle,” users can get 1000 SMS and 25 MB WhatsApp. For the subscription code dial is *101107# and the subscription fee is Rs.13.13 (tax included).

This offer is valid only for 7 days however dial 1014*07# to unsubscribe from this offer. To stock yourself for a monthly bundle let’s get Jazz “Monthly SMS Bundle”. For an offer subscription dial code *101102#. The bundle costs Rs 47.79 (tax included) and you are ready. For unsubscription dial 1014*02#.