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Telenor Call Packages

Daily Telenor Call Packages

Telenor offers attractive call packages keeping in mind the needs of its valuable customers. Telenor provides multiple packages starting from Rs.5.50 to Rs.600.It means that you have many options for voice packages according to your needs.

The lowest price package is ‘Telenor Djuice Prime Time Offer’ which provides unlimited Telenor to Telenor calls from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm for just Rs.5. Another valuable daily package is ‘Telenor Good Time Offer’ which offers 200 MB Internet data along with 10000 onnet minutes. The ‘Telenor Day Time Package’ offers 100000 free on-net minutes and 20 MB of Internet data. Telenor Djuice also offers 20 MB data along with a 50-50-minute bundle, the ‘Telenor Full Day Package’ offers 100000 onnet minutes and 60 MB Internet data as well available at the best price.

‘Telenor Lagatar Calls Offer’ and ‘Telenor Djuice Daily Three Ka Seen Offer’ which provide customers with unlimited free on-net calls. Telenor also provides additional daily packages like Telenor Djuice Daily Three ka Seen Offer, Telenor 50 Minutes Mini Budget Package, Telenor 100 Minutes Mini Budget Package, etc.

Package NameFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPriceActivation Code
Telenor Good Time OfferUnlimited2501 DayRs. 6*345*20#
Telenor Full Day PackageUnlimited501 DayRs. 13*5*250#

Weekly Telenor Call Packages

Telenor not only offers daily call packages but also provides weekly packages with different features. ‘Telenor Djuice SMS Minutes Bundle and Telenor Djuice SMS Voice Bundle provide 700 SMS and 12 onnet minutes valid for 7 days. ‘Telenor Haftawar Chappar Phaar Offer’ gives 70 MB of Internet data and 2000 net minutes. But if you like to get more Internet data so Telenor also provides the ‘Telenor 7 Days Mini Budget Package’ which gives you 500 onnet minutes and 2000 MB free Internet data for just Rs 86. ‘Telenor Djuice Weekly Internet All in One Plus’ offers 3.5 GB of data along with 150 onnet minutes at just Rs 160.

If you want everything in one package ‘The Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package’ is the best choice which gives you 1000 onnet minutes, 70 offnet minutes, 700 SMS for all Networks, and 1 GB free Internet data (Plus 350 MB for Social use). Telenor Easy Card weekly package offers 500 free SMS for all networks, 50 free off-net minutes, 500 free on-net minutes, and 750 MB free internet data.

Telenor introduces various voice packages and grants additional incentives as per customer preferences.

Package NameFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPriceTo Subscribe
Telenor Free First Call OfferUnlimited7 DaysRs. 5*888#
Telenor Weekly Voice Lite1407 DaysRs. 25*345*54#
Telenor Haftawar Offpeak OfferUnlimited7 DaysRs. 55*978#
Telenor Sahulat Mini Offer200202001007 DaysRs. 75*170#
Telenor Haftawar Chappar Phaar OfferUnlimited707 DaysRs. 100*5*700#
Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package10007070010007 DaysRs. 120*5*7#
Telenor Djuice Weekly Internet All-in-One10005015007 DaysRs. 130*345*75#
Telenor Weekly Easy Card160600300350015007 DaysRs. 135*963#
Telenor Weekly Easy Card180150080150030007 DaysRs. 157*175#
Telenor Djuice Weekly Internet All in One15035007 DaysRs. 190*345*88#
Telenor Weekly Easy Card Mega3000852000120007 DaysRs. 235*001#
Telenor Mega Plus Weekly Easy Card50005005000240007 DaysRs. 260*003#
Telenor Weekly Easy Card Extreme2500207500400007 DaysRs. 300*345*67#

Monthly Telenor Call Packages

Telenor is a big name in the telecom sector of Pakistan. Telenor has gained the trust of millions of users through its excellent services and the company ensures that customers are satisfied with its services. For this purpose, offering different kinds of packages and attractive offers is the best way and the company’s performance is well in this goal.

Telenor offers a “Telenor SIM Reactivation Offer” which is given to those user who use their SIM cards after a long period of inactivity and will get 3000 onnet minutes and 3000 MB Internet data free. Telenor Djuice customers can avail of “Telenor Djuice Monthly SMS Packages” through which a user gets 10,000 free SMS for all networks, and 300 Megabytes of Internet data for social media use for just Rupees 40. “Telenor Monthly Rakhwala Package” offers 3000 free on-net minutes, 3000 SMS on all networks, and 300 Megabytes of Internet data.

Telenor Easy card (500 free on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, 500 free SMS on all networks, and 500 MB Internet data) and Telenor EasyCard Plus package (1500 free on-net minutes, 150 free off-net minutes, 1500 free SMS on all networks and 1.5 GB Internet data) are extremely low cost and offer excellent value for money. These two packages are the most used offers among all and their popularity reflects Telenor’s services that are being provided to its valuable customers.

Package NameFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPriceTo Subscribe
Telenor Sim Lagao Offer30001000030 DaysRs: 0
Telenor Monthly First Free Call OfferUnlimited30 DaysRs: 0*326#
Telenor djuice Monthly Messaging Bundle1000030 DaysRs: 47.80*2*2*3#
Telenor Mahana Budget Package30010300030 DaysRs: 80*514#
Telenor Social All-in-One Package2502510030 DaysRs: 130*572#
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package3000300030 DaysRs: 418*345*30#
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 5507507505000200030 DaysRs: 478*350#
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 70030003008000300030 DaysRs: 565*530#
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 850500040012000500030 DaysRs: 720*80#
Telenor Easy Card 10001000060018000800030 DaysRs: 900*248#
Telenor Monthly Extreme Offer7500600300003000030 DaysRs: 950*708#

Others Telenor Call Packages

Package NameFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPriceTo Subscribe
Telenor 3 Day Din Bhar Package1000003 DaysRs: 24.50*345*626#
Telenor 3 Day Super Hit Package1000003 DaysRs: 34*345*299#
Telenor djuice 3 Day 3 Ka Scene OfferUnlimited500503 DaysRs: 34*030#
Telenor 3 Day Voice Offer600503 DaysRs: 36*799#
Telenor djuice 3 Day Onnet Offer250500153 DaysRs: 36*730#
Telenor Super 3 Package3003001003 DaysRs: 40*5*300#
Telenor 3/3 Offer300503 DaysRs: 50*345*243#
Telenor 3-Day Hybrid Package150151501503 DaysRs: 50*345*210#
Telenor 3-Day Plus Package1501501501503 DaysRs: 58*345*210#
Telenor 3-Day Sahulat Offer250252503503 DaysRs: 60*5*3#
Telenor 3 Day Plus Package2530030010003 DaysRs: 69*345*91#