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Zong Monthly 3G / 4G Device Packages

Starting in the year 2008, Zong has gained heights of success in a short period. This company comes under China Mobile Pakistan which is one of the largest telephony companies in Pakistan and China.

Since 2008, Zong has always been focused on low-cost Internet Being the largest 4G network holder, Zong proudly announces that it holds 3G and 4G LTE licenses at a time. It was the first network that started the 4G network across Pakistan.

Zong offers various 3G/4G device bundles to its customers, in which ”Zong Monthly MBB- 32GB (Device Only Package)” is by far the most used 4G device bundle. This offer includes a large MBB package of 32 GB with a validity of 30 days. Zong Monthly MBB package price is different with 4G devices. The price of this package is different for 4G Mobile WiFi (Huawei), 4G Mobile WiFi (Fiber Home), and 4G Wingle. This offer can be subscribed via Zong Contact Centers and from Zong Franchises.

Another’s from these, Zong also offers various dongle packages for its users, which is including Zong Monthly MBB – 76 GB (Device Package), Zong Monthly MBB – 100 GB (Device Only Package), and Zong Monthly MBB – 200 GB (device-only package) the most used. Be a part of Zong’s new dream and avail exclusive offers on 4G devices.

Package NameFree MBsValidityPrice
Zong Monthly MBB – 30GB (Device Only Package)3000030 DaysRs. 999
Zong Monthly MBB – 65GB (Device Only Package)6000030 DaysRs. 2100
Zong Monthly MBB – 160GB (Device Only Package)16000030 DaysRs. 2600
Zong Monthly MBB – 200GB (Device Only Package)20000030 DaysRs. 3300
Zong Monthly MBB – 200GB (Device Only Package)20000030 DaysRs. 3300
Zong Monthly MBB – 150GB (Device Only Package)15000030 DaysRs. 3500
Zong Monthly MBB – 150GB (Device Only Package)15000030 DaysRs. 3500

Zong Others 3G / 4G Device Packages

Zong is considered a symbol of deep friendship between China and Pakistan. This network was first initiated as China Mobile Pakistan which is one of the highest successful projects between Pakistan and China. As the largest 4G consumer network, Zong has introduced multiple 4G devices for its users. It also payback to Zong SIM users in Zong 4G devices. The network has launched different 3G/ 4G devices that fulfill the needs of all types of people. The 3G devices that come with a purchase fee and also with subscription package are as undermentioned:-

3G MiFi,
Zong Super 3G Dongle and
Zong Super 3G Wingle.

Other Play and Plug rechargeable devices are as under:

Zong 4G Bolt (Huawei) at just Rs.2000.
Zong 4G Bolt (Fiber Home) at just Rs.2000.
Zong 4G Bolt + (Huawei) at cost Rs.3000.

Another most used device package is Zong 3 Months MBB includes 24 GB (Only Device Running Package) which offers 24 GB data for the entire 3 months available at the cheapest price. Now users can experience Zong’s fast internet at a low price. It is further added that Zong 4G devices can connect up to 10 devices at a time and have a battery usage discharge life of 6 hours. Zong has recently announced another exclusive, low-price package that includes a super offer of internet usage for the entire 6 months. In Zong 6 Months MBB – 75 GB (only device base package) users can now enjoy 75 GB of data for 6 months on multiple 3G/4G devices. Costs vary according to devices and are available for a limited period.

Package NameFree MBsValidityPrice
Zong 3 Months MBB – 60GB/Month (Device Only Package)600003 MonthsRs. 5750
Zong 6 Months MBB – 105GB (Device Only Package)1050006 MonthsRs. 12500
Zong 12 Months MBB – 105GB (Device Only Package)10500012 MonthsRs. 23000