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WhatsApp Introduces a New Feature For Its Users.

WhatsApp is the most used social communication application in the world and that is why WhatsApp keeps on developing and introducing new features day by day to provide better facilities to its users.

This time WhatsApp has introduced an interesting feature under which now accounts can be logged in through phone numbers as well as email.

According to the report, with this new feature, users will be able to link their email address with their WhatsApp account.

This feature will not replace SMS verification but will help users when they are unable to receive the 6-digit code via SMS.

This new feature is provided in the account section of WhatsApp in the beta version.

The email verification feature will be very useful when you try to sign in to a WhatsApp account on a new device in a location where a mobile network is not available or use your WhatsApp account without inserting a SIM in a new phone. Willing to do it.

This feature has been worked on by WhatsApp for several months and now it has been introduced in beta version for limited users.

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