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how to check telenor number
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How to check Telenor Number? Updated 2024

In this blog, we will discuss different ways how to check Telenor number. If you want to send your number to someone or you want to recharge and don’t remember your number. Telenor Telco has different options for checking your number. Here we are going to discuss some easy ways, how to check Telenor number.

Method 1:- How to Check Telenor number using the USSD code.

The simplest way to check your Telenor number is by dialing the USSD code. Please follow the simplest 4 steps:-

  1. Open up the dialing pad on your smartphone.
  2. Dial *8888# and press the phone icon/ call button.
  3. It may take a few seconds to process the request.
  4. Your Telenor number will be displayed on the smartphone screen.

Above mentioned method is pretty simple and free to use. It’s the best fit for keypad users.

Method 2:- Check telenor number via Telenor app.

If you are a smartphone user then you have a great opportunity to check Telenor number by the Telenor app. If you don’t have installed the Telenor App then you can simply Visit the Apple store and Google Playstore to download the My Telenor App.

If have already installed My Telenor App then follow the steps:-

  1. Open the My Telenor app.
  2. See the top left corner you will see your number. See the below screenshot.
how to check telenor number

The Telenor app is not used to see the Telenor number but also helps you manage your account and activate and deactivate packages. You can also check the package details you currently active. The best part you can also get free MBs.

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Method 3: Check your Telenor number by sending a text.

You can also check your Telenor number by sending a Message. Please follow these steps.

  1. Open the messaging app on your smartphone.
  2. Just leave the text field blank.
  3. Send this message to 7421.
  4. Shortly you will receive a message containing your Telenor number.

Important Note: Standard tax/charges may be applied you should have a balance to avail of this offer.

Method 4: By calling on this code 7421

  1. Open the dial pad and dial 7421.
  2. The call disconnects automatically. You will receive a text shortly containing your number.

This method is totally free. You can also read about how to check Zong number.

Method 5: By visiting Telenor Nearest Franchise

  1. Please visit the nearest Telenor Franchise.
  2. Ask for your Telenor Number from a Telenor representative.
  3. They Ask for personal information like ID card number.
  4. They will provide your Telenor number.

This method is also useful if you find a franchise nearest to you.

Method 6: By calling the Telenor Helpline Number

You can also check your Telenor number by calling Telenor helpline. Please follow the simple guide.

  1. Dial 345 from your phone.
  2. Follow the command/instructions.
  3. Press the number to speak with a Telenor representative.
  4. Provide all the necessary information
  5. A Telenor representative will provide you with the number.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How to know my Telenor Number?

You can check your number by simply dialing *8888#, Sending a blank/empty SMS to 7421, or using the My Telenor app is you are smartphone.

How to check Telenor number for free.

By calling on 345 Telenor Helpline number or you can also visit the nearest Telenor Franchise.


How to check Telenor number? You can simply check your Telenor number by dialing *8888# USSD code, using the MY Telenor App, Visiting a Telenor franchise neare you and you can get help by calling 345. Please share this useful information with others someone might get this helpful.

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