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how to check ufone number
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How to check Ufone Number? Ufone Number check code 2024

Today we cover the topic of how to check Ufone number. Sometimes, you forget your Ufone sim number, or maybe you found a sim from the street and want to know how to check your Ufone number without balance. Fortunately, we will discuss below some methods to check the Ufone number.

4 Simple Methods for ufone Number check code.

We are going to share 4 simple and easy methods on how to check Ufone numbers in 2023 with and without balance.

  1. By dialing a simple code.
  2. By Sending a Message to 667.
  3. By Dial code.
  4. By making a call with the ufone operator.

1. Ufone number check code by dialing *780*3#.

  1. Open your smartphone dialer and dial.
  2. Then dial *780*3# and press the phone icon.

It will take some time and your SIM number will pop up on your smartphone screen. Please the below images.

2. How to check the ufone number with balance.

  1. Open up the message app on smart phone and write a message.
  2. Then write MNP in the text box and send it to code(667).
  3. After some time, the company will send a detailed message that contains the user’s sim number and owner details.

Note: this service is not free, to avail of this service you have to balance in the sim

How to check the Ufone number without balance is a simple method.

  1. Open your smartphone dialer.
  2. Then dial *1# and press the phone icon.

After a few seconds, a message will pop up with your number.

How to check Ufone number online?

One Last method for the ufone number check code. Simple dial 333 ufone helpline. You just need to follow the Ufone operator’s instructions and give all the details he/she asks for, if you provide all the correct details then the operator will share the sim number and owner details with you.

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About company.

Ufone is a prominent telecommunication company in Pakistan, known for its extensive network coverage and innovative services. Established in 2001, it has become one of the leading mobile service providers in the country. Ufone offers its customers a wide range of voice and data services, including prepaid and postpaid plans, mobile internet, and various value-added services.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction and affordable pricing, Ufone has garnered a loyal customer base over the years. The company has also been at the forefront of introducing new technologies and features to enhance the mobile experience for its users. Ufone’s focus on innovation and quality has helped it maintain a strong presence in Pakistan’s competitive telecom market.

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