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Why was Sajal Ali chosen for the role of Fatima Jinnah?

In the web series made on the mother of the nation Ms. Fatima Jinnah, some aspects of her life have been interpreted, while some time ago, a picture of Sajal Ali also surfaced on social media, on which the opinions of internet users were divided.

Some people considered the actress to be the best option considering her acting, while others questioned that Sajal Ali was not suitable for the role of Ms. Fatima Jinnah and someone else should have been cast in her place.

Geo Digital had an exclusive conversation with the director of the web series, Daniyal Khan, who said that actually the search for the role of Fatima Jinnah was for an actor who may not look similar to her but is a good artist.

He said that whatever we are making, we are making it for the audience, so it is their right to criticize it. So we have chosen artists who know the art of immersing themselves in characters and playing them and can play the role of Fatima Jinnah.

Daniyal Khan said that since the release of the 14-minute long prologue of the web series, he has been getting very positive feedback, he hopes to get encouragement from social media users and audiences and wants Sajal Ali, Sundus The work of Farhan and Samia Mumtaz should be given time and it should be seen how the hard work of these three has enhanced the role of the mother of the nation.

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