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The Israeli Minister Proposed Dropping Atomic Bombs On Gaza.

An Israeli minister has proposed to Prime Minister Netanyahu to drop atomic bombs on Gaza.

According to Arab media, an Israeli minister expressed disbelief at the barbaric bombing and the martyrdom of thousands of Palestinians, saying that an atomic bomb attack on Gaza is an option.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office on Sunday suspended the Israeli minister from government meetings until further notice after suggesting in an interview that he would drop nuclear bombs on Gaza.

More than 9,770 people have been martyred in the military operations in the Gaza Strip since October 7, including mostly women and children.

Heritage Minister Amaechi Eliyahu, an ultra-nationalist politician in Netanyahu’s ruling coalition, told Israel Radio that he was not entirely satisfied with the scale of Israel’s retaliation in the Palestinian territories after October 7.

Israeli officials say that 1,400 people were killed in these attacks, most of them civilians.

Meanwhile, the Hamas-run Ministry of Health says that since October 7, 9,770 people have been martyred in Israel’s military operations in Gaza, including mostly women and children.

When asked by the interviewer if the Israeli minister had advocated dropping “some kind of atomic bomb to kill everybody” on the Gaza Strip, Eliyahu replied: “That’s an option.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office immediately issued a statement reacting to the minister’s statement, calling him out of touch with reality, saying Israel was trying to release non-combatants into Gaza.

Eliyahu later said in a post on X that his statement about the atomic bomb was symbolic.

It should be noted that Israel has never admitted to possessing nuclear bombs.

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