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The Film ‘Jawan’ Broke All The Previous Records Of Bollywood.

Bollywood industry superstar, Shah Rukh Khan’s movie ‘Jawan’ has broken all the records of the industry so far.

Jaawan, directed by Atlee Kumar and co-starring Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi and others, emerged as the highest-grossing film of all time for the Hindi version, surpassing Gadar 2. , crossed the lifetime collections of Pathan and Baahubali 2.

Even after 23 days, Jaawan is the second most liked Hindi movie and it shows that the audience is enjoying the movie consistently.

The actor has given the industry 02 consecutive blockbusters in a single year and with this Shahrukh Khan has also broken the record which was achieved by Raj Kapoor in 1949.

Since 1949, Raj Kapoor was the only Bollywood actor to do two successful films in the same year due to his 02 famous films Barsaat and Asaz, but now Shahrukh Khan has taken this honor.

To maintain this record and set a new record, the actor now has to make his Christmas release ‘Dinky’ a similar success so that he can break Jawan’s earnings record and set a new record.

Thus, Shah Rukh Khan will become the first Bollywood actor to do 03 big and successful films in a single year.

Shah Rukh Khan has broken all records in 2023 with not just one but two films on opening day. Both his films have grossed more than Rs 2000 crore worldwide and Dinky is yet to release.

The superstar’s upcoming film Dinky will face leading actor Prabhas’ Salaar at the box office after its release as both are considered to be highly anticipated big budget films.

Going by the figures, the Hindi version of Jawaan has already earned Rs 340 crore in the first week, while it is expected to earn Rs 122.50 crore in the second week, Rs 50 crore in the third week and Rs 5.25 crore in the current week.

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