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Khalistan Movement Announced To Donate 21 Thousand Dollars For The Oppressed Palestinians.

The well-known leader of the Khalistan Movement and the founder of Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) Gurpatunat Singh Panan has announced their to donate 21 thousand dollars to the oppressed Palestinians.

The well-known leader of the Khalistan movement Gurptunat Singh says I want to tell the people living in the world that as humanity, come out of your homes for the Palestinian people and help them.

He said that the Sikh community is with the Palestinians in this difficult time when the Palestinian people are facing the worst humanitarian crisis.

He said that we can understand the suffering of the Palestinians because we are also victims of genocide by India, the Sikh community stands with the Palestinians.

Gurptunat Singh further said that the genocide of Palestinians was celebrated in India while Hindu extremists sided with Israel.

On the other hand, Spain has announced an additional aid package of one million euros for Gaza, while it previously announced a package of 8 million euros.

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