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Khalilur Rahman Qamar himself came to me and apologized: Urwa

Actress Urwa Hussain has revealed that drama writer Khalilur Rahman Qamar came and apologized after criticizing her in a live show.

Recently, Urwa Hussain spoke on a private TV program about the conflict between her and Khalilur Rehman Qamar during the shooting of the film.

In response to a question asked by host Ahsan Khan, Urwa revealed that Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar had criticized me sitting on the state-run TV channel, and later he hugged me and apologized.

Urwa explained the incident and said that actually, I did not leave the film written by Khalilur Rahman Qamar, when I was ready, the shooting was canceled, and when the shooting of the film started again, I did not have time those days and I was busy with another project.

The actress said that Khalilur Rahman Qamar was very angry and criticized me on TV, later he met me and hugged me and apologized and said that you are my daughter.

It should be noted that Khalilur Rahman Qamar had described working with Urwa as the scariest experience of his life.

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