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Israel’s Brutal Bombing Of Gaza; Iran’s Letter To The United Nations.

Iran has written a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Israel’s barbaric bombing of Gaza and the West Bank.

The Iranian Consulate requested the immediate intervention of the United Nations to end the war crimes and atrocities committed by Israel in Gaza and the West Bank.

The Iranian Consulate wrote in the letter that more than 6,000 Palestinians have been martyred and more than 19,000 have been injured so far due to Israeli aggression. Apart from this, more than 100 Palestinians have been martyred and 1300 injured in the West Bank by Israeli bombardment.

The letter, written by Iran, added that during its attack on the densely populated Gaza Strip, Israel violated international law by targeting civilian infrastructure. Israel also directly targeted residential buildings, schools, hospitals, ambulances, mosques, and civilian gatherings.

According to several human rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, Israel carried out indiscriminate attacks on Gaza and Lebanon, according to the UN’s own activists and officials, there is no safe place in Gaza.

Iran wrote to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that Gaza is under complete siege and continuous bombardment. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are at risk from overcrowding hospitals, shortages of medical equipment, electricity and water cuts and sieges by Israel.

Iran called on the United Nations to persuade Israel to establish an immediate ceasefire, and to help deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza immediately. The United Nations must stop Israel from committing war crimes and save Gaza from genocide because Israel is in grave violation of international law.

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