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Israeli occupation of Gaza would be a big mistake, US President.

US President Joe Biden has said that re-sieging Gaza would be a big mistake by Israel.

According to the details, US President Joe Biden said during an interview that it is necessary to completely destroy Hamas and pave the way for the establishment of a Palestinian state, but it would be a big mistake if Gaza is besieged again.

Joe Biden added that Hamas and other elements do not represent the Palestinian people.

He said that Hezbollah should not enter the ongoing conflict in Palestine and should not increase it further.

The US President said that they are doing everything possible to release the 13 Americans held hostage by Israel. These Americans have allegedly been taken hostage by Hamas.

On the other hand, Israel’s new minister threatened to further reduce Gaza at the end of the war, saying that Palestinians from both the east and the north will have to leave their territory.

The US national security advisor has warned that the Israel-Hamas war could turn into a major conflict, and there is also a fear of the war opening a new front on the Lebanese border and the involvement of Iran.

It should be noted that the number of Palestinians martyred in the Israeli attacks in Gaza has increased to more than 2600, while thousands are injured and more than 1 million have been displaced.

The scenes of the Israeli army killing 250 innocent Palestinians by deception have shaken the world.

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