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Hamas Attack On Israel, 100 Jews Killed

The patience of the Palestinians against the Israeli atrocities, long siege and repeated desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque has been exhausted, a strong reaction against the Israelis has come from the Gaza Strip, Hamas has declared war. 100 Jews were killed and dozens were injured in land, sea and rocket attacks, dozens of people were taken hostage. 200 Palestinians were martyred and more than 1,000 injured in Israeli brutality.

According to the details, the Palestinian Mujahideen started the operation called “Al-Aqsa Flood”, rained 5 thousand rockets on the Zionist state in 20 minutes, dozens of buildings and vehicles were hit, fires broke out everywhere.

Hamas fighters entered Israeli cities and captured the border camp while dozens of Israeli soldiers were taken prisoner. The street fighting continues. According to the Israeli army, more than 50 people entered various buildings. Also appealed to take up arms.

According to the report, the Israeli emergency service confirmed that at least 40 people were killed and more than 700 injured in the attacks by Hamas. The emergency service says that a high alert has been issued after the attacks.

The head of Hamas’ military wing says that the armed group has launched a new military operation against Israel. Mohammad Def said in an extraordinary statement that 5,000 rockets were fired at Israel early Saturday morning to start “Operation al-Aqsa Storm”.

On the other hand, the Israeli army said that it is currently facing a war situation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called an emergency meeting of security officials. According to the report, Israeli planes also started bombing the Gaza Strip.

According to the latest reports, more than 200 Palestinians were martyred and hundreds were injured in the Israeli bombing.

According to Gaza authorities, 198 Palestinians have been martyred in Israeli airstrikes while more than 1,600 have been injured.

Gaza is being bombarded indiscriminately by the Israeli Air Force, ordinary Palestinians are being targeted, there is already a shortage of medicine and basic necessities in Gaza, which has been besieged for the past several years, and the situation has worsened in the current situation.

Israeli soldiers were taken as prisoners of war

According to Iranian media, Palestinian forces have taken 35 Israeli soldiers as prisoners of war, Israel has started to evacuate from the airport near Gaza, fighter planes are being transported from the airport by trucks. Arab media say that there is a celebration in the West Bank of Palestine, people have taken to the streets in Ramallah.

The spokesman of Hamas says that the attack on Israel is a message to the Arab countries, they demand the Arab countries to sever relations with Israel, Israel is a state that does not believe in peace. Israel can never be a good neighbor, it is an enemy country.

According to the report, 6 Israeli deaths have been confirmed while more than 200 have been injured in various cities. According to the authorities, the President of the Regional Council is also included in the dead.

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