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October 3, 2023 / News / By

FBR Imposes Processing Fee On Goods Imported From Afghan Transit Trade.

FBR has imposed 10% processing fee on five items imported under Afghan transit trade.

According to SRO, processing fee has been imposed on the import of 10 tariff lines of chocolates and toffees under Afghan transit trade.

Processing fee has been levied on 21 tariff lines of footwear, processing fee on all machinery of chapter 84 and 85 except complete home appliances, processing fee on 10 tariff lines of blankets and home textiles and processing fee on 33 tariff lines of garments.

SRO says that GDs filed before October 2 will be exempted from processing fee, Pakistan Customs has issued SR No. 1380 and the application will be immediate.

Sources in the Ministry of Commerce have said that the government’s measures are aimed at stopping smuggling and revitalizing the local industry.

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