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After Allahabad In India, Another City With a Muslim Identity Is Set To Be Renamed.

In India, the Modi government has prepared to rename Aligarh, another city with a Muslim identity after Allahabad.

According to media reports, the Aligarh Municipal Corporation has approved the proposal to change the name of the city to Harigarh.

Aligarh Mayor Prashant Singhal presented this proposal in the meeting yesterday, which was unanimously supported by all councilors.

Talking to the Indian media, Prashant Singhal says, “This demand has been going on for a long time and it is hoped that the state government will change the name of Aligarh to Harigarh.”

It should be noted that earlier in 2019, Allahabad was renamed as Prayag Raag and if the state government approves the renaming of Aligarh as well, it will add one more to the list of cities with Muslim identity will.

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